Cake, a Swedish manufacturer, has launched a modular bike named the Ösa. This motorcycle is all-electric and features a large grey uni-bar construction, which makes it possible to attach a variety of attachments and customize it to more than 1000 possible configurations. The electric bike is inspired by the workbench and does not fail to show it.

In the Swedish language, OSA translates to pour or ladle, which probably has something to do with the sort of eating utensil like form of the main support bar that's unique to the design of its latest two-wheeler. Aside from the unique silhouette, the bike is being advertised as a step towards a zero-emission future.

Minimalist Design

While designing the Ösa, Cake kept in mind the disparity and diversity in storage and commuting needs. So, the best option was an electric and modular utility. The modularity makes it so that owners can add to it only the options that they desire and really make it their own. The base design is clean, simple, and sort of minimalist but allows for all types of customization.

The design of this bike is a bit unconventional in that it strays a bit from either the average look and feel of both bicycles and motorcycles. Some may consider it a bit utilitarian because of its aims for practicality. The bike is not only modular; it is lightweight, eco-friendly, and quiet, unlike fuel-based alternatives. Some have been calling it the Tesla Model 3 of the bike market.

Ösa+ Quarter Angle

Ösa comes in 2 Versions

The Ösa comes in two variants, the Ösa+ and Ösa Lite. The Ösa Lite has a top speed of 30 miles per hour, so it fits a little more in the class of moped type vehicles. The Ösa+ is considerably quicker, topping out at around 63 mph, making it a solid replacement for motorcycles.

Ösa+ The Ösa+

Ösa Lite The Ösa Lite

Multiple power outlets

One really convenient feature of the motorbike is its multiple power outlets, which serve as charging stations for your electronic devices whether on off-road adventures, or cruising around crowded cities where power outlets are sparse or non existent. These batteries are even hefty enough to charge things like laptop computers and bluetooth speakers via its dedicated power outlet. It can also be used as a cooking station!

The batteries come in two configurations: Lean and Long. The Ösa+ and the Ösa Lite both weigh 147 pounds with the lean battery and 174 pounds with the long battery. For the long variant, the battery reaches a full charge in 3 hours from any wall outlet.

License required

The Ösa+ is approved as an electric motorbike, so a license is required to take it out on the roads.

Mobile Sustainability

Its rugged construction make it fit for just about any outdoor activity. It can be used from the likes of a farmer, carpenter, business professional, and everyone in between. Global warming is arguably the biggest threat to people all over the world and this motorbike could be one small step to alleviate the problems caused by greenhouse gasses. We're seeing combustion vehicles being replaced by electric all around. In some cities, gasoline and diesel are even being banned, and we're seeing a reduction of the number of cars in the urban landscape because of the inefficiency of all the unused passenger space.

Three Modes

The Ösa has the top of the line power density and state of the art motor control algorithms that help to increase its efficient use of batter power. It offers three ride modes that can be used depending on how you're feeling at the moment: extended range, maximum power, and balanced performance. The bike also regenerates energy while braking. This has led some people to call the Ösa a Generator on Wheels, understandably so.

Ösa Rear Angle View

Some additional features

  • Ösa also has a high contrast TFT display for viewing basic information.
  • The frame is a 6061 series aluminum alloy, which has been extruded, forged, machined, and painted.
  • The front suspension is a dual crown, upside-down motorcycle suspension with a 120mm travel.
  • The rear suspension has a 260mm travel with an adjustable spring pre-load.
  • The wheelbase is 1,340mm.
  • The seat height is 800mm (unloaded).
  • The brake system consists of four-piston calipers for the front and the rear.
  • The stainless-steel brake discs have a 220mm diameter and a 3.2 mm thickness.
  • The handle-bar is made of aluminum 7050 series. The rims are 14 x 2.15" lightweight aluminum rims.
  • The tires are 14 x 4.00" dual-sport tires.

If you want to pick up an Ösa+ or Ösa Lite for yourself, check out their website at where you can configure the size of the battery and optional accessories that you'd like to customize yours with. For the Ösa+, the price starts at $6,500, while the Ösa Lite comes in a little lighter on the wallet at $4,500 before the battery and options.

According to their website, around "10% of the bike's price equals the cost of 3 years gasoline consumption for the average rider. That together with very few moving parts, the absence of a gear box, no fluids or spark plugs and very few motor parts makes the cost for service, spare parts and maintenance very affordable."