This is the Zero Per Stool. It's made by HATERN, an up-cycling design studio which extracts patterns from production waste. The design focus seems to be using negative space of the off-cut pieces of wood to create beautiful design patterns. I'm guessing the name Zero Per Stool implies that each stool produces zero waste. It's pretty common to have lots of left over pieces of wood especially when cutting rectangles into round shapes.

Upcycling? or Just Really Efficient Design?

The design is executed in such a way that the terms 'up-cycling' , or 'waste reduction' aren't the first to come to mind. Partially so because the wood 'scraps' that are used are derived from the same pieces of wood that the legs and supports are made from. The patterns formed by the thoughtful arrangement of these pieces come-off as very intentional.The composite shapes formed by the resin as it fills the gaps are solid compliments to the tapered shape of the legs. The textural differences in the wood and resin offer a playful juxtaposition that works very well.

HATTERN Zero Per Stool HATTERN Zero Per Stool HATTERN Zero Per Stool

It would be interesting to see what other items could be made using this technique. What could you make with resin and scrap wood? Or alternatively What production process could be altered so that it doesn't produce as much waste?